【Date & Time】

Oct 30th 16:10 - 19:10 (Beijing Time, UTC+8)


Development is a timeless theme for humanity, and also a shared goal pursued by youth all over the world. The 2023 World Youth Development Forum, themed on “Youth Strength for Solidarity and Innovation: Striving Together for Sustainable Development”, will be held in Beijing on October 30. This forum will be attended -- either via video or by person -- by foreign representatives including heads of international organizations, ministers of youth affairs and heads of youth organizations of various countries, and youth leaders, along with representatives of Chinese youth from various fields. The World Youth Development Forum is committed to building “an important platform where young people worldwide can contribute to global development and global efforts are gathered to promote youth development”, endeavoring to spread the voice of youth to unite the people worldwide and inject youthful vitality into global development.

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