OPEN CALL for 100 Excellence Actions To Join the Action Plan for Global Youth Development

(   15:00, October 31, 2022

Young people are full of potential and play a crucial role in advancing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Under the guidance of the United Nations, the international community is committed to promoting more meaningful, diverse and effective youth engagement, integrating youth development into the global development agenda, and leading youth to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated at the opening of the World Youth Development Forum on July 21, 2022, young people have met many global challenges with characteristic innovation, spirit and solidarity to get the SDGs back on track. True sustainable development benefits youth and should start with youth.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also sent a congratulatory letter to the World Youth Development Forum. Xi called on the youth to promote the Global Development Initiative with concrete actions, and facilitate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Around 2,000 youth delegates from more than 100 countries unanimously adopted the International Advocacy for Prioritizing Youth Development, and jointly advocated for the Action Plan for Global Youth Development as a follow-up outcome of the forum.

To transfer the consensus of the delegates into practice, the WYDF Organizing Committee and the All-China Youth Federation will officially initiate the Action Plan for Global Youth Development. The Action Plan is supported by ILO, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNCCD and UN in China.


I.What is the Action Plan? 

·A showcase platform for SDGs best practices. By selecting and promoting the 100 Excellence Actions, the Action Plan will mobilize youth actions in promoting youth development and sustainable development.

·An international community of young pioneers who are dedicated to promoting sustainable development. Through capacity building activities and exchange opportunities, the youth leaders and practitioners will be empowered and their network will be expanded regionally and globally.

·An international youth movement that advocates global common development. By highlighting the power and contribution of youth, the Action Plan will enhance the influence and participation of global development agenda among young people in all countries, and encourage youth to strive for global common development.

II.What are the major activities under the Action Plan? 

Each year, the Action Plan will collect youth development actions globally, and select 100 Excellence Actions for Global Youth Development. The selected 100 Excellence Actions will have access to the following activities:

1.Capacity Building Programs in China 

The WYDF Organizing Committee will organize sharing sessions, workshops and field trips to China to empower the youth leaders of the 100 Excellence Actions and expand their networks. The Excellence Actions leaders as well as the representatives from their recommending organizations will be invited to participate in exchanges and capacity building programs, as well as the WYDF’s events. Qualified candidates will be supported with international travel expenses, accommodation and training fees.

2. International Advocacy and Publicity 

The Excellence Actions will be publicized and promoted internationally through the WYDF’s official website and on various media platforms and social media. The Excellence Actions will also be shown on various international conferences and other public events, to improve their influence and public participation.

3. Major activities of the World Youth Development Forum 

The World Youth Development Forum will be hosted annually. Youth leaders of the 100 Excellence Actions, together with representatives from their recommending organizations, will be invited to present their programs at the 2023 WYDF in China either in person or online.

4.Youth Development Pioneers Scholarship 

Each year, a group of youth leaders will be selected through roadshows and public speeches to receive the scholarship grants.


III.What are the criteria for the application? 

1.The applicants should be legal entities implementing the programs.

The qualified applicants include regional, national or local youth organizations, social enterprises, media, think tanks and universities all around the world that have registered for at least two years. The applicants should commit to keeping their programs active for at least one year after application. Their programs must have been or are being underway and have made measurable achievements.

2.The application will be open for programs in four categories: 

·Youth programs to promote youth participation in achieving the SDGs

·Youth training programs for leadership, skills, entrepreneurship and other abilities

·Exchange programs or volunteer programs involving two or more countries

·Advocacy or publicity programs for global youth development

3.The application includes seven thematic tracks: 

Referring to the SDGs and Global Development Initiative, programs are preferably expected to be in line with one or more of the thematic tracks as indicated below:

·Poverty elimination

·Zero hunger and food security

·Future-oriented digital technology

·Climate Action and Green Development including protecting life below water and life on land, climate action, clean sources of energy, green recovery of economy

·Inclusive and equitable quality education

·Health and well-being of youth

·Youth employment and entrepreneurship

4.At least one recommendation letter is required for each application. 

Letters can be signed by heads of international organizations, national youth organizations, government departments, Chinese embassies or consulates, and overseas offices of Chinese state-owned enterprises. Recommendation letters from professionals or opinion leaders can also be submitted as added value.

5.Each applicant shall identify one youth leader. 

The youth leader will be given priority to participate in capacity building activities. The youth leader must be aged between 18 and 35 (by application deadline), able to communicate in English and demonstrate strong leadership. The youth leaders are expected to uphold the common values of humanity, multilateralism and the UN Charter, and have commitment to the UN 2030 Agenda and the Global Development Initiative.

6.The application shall fulfill the following obligations. 

If selected as Excellence Actions, programs are required to regularly publicize progress on social media, submit annual progress report and participate in capacity building activities as scheduled.

IV.How will the Excellence Actions be selected? 

The selection of the Excellence Actions will be determined by the International Selection Committee through a democratic process. Programs will be graded by the following evaluation criteria based on application materials.

·Relevance: The compatibility of the programs with the SDGs and the Global Development Initiative. Programs in line with the aforementioned thematic tracks will be preferred.

·Influence: Measurable outcomes and level of social impact of the programs, e.g., number of individuals impacted, number of media reports, frequency of activities, awards from international organizations and governments.

·Innovation: Uniqueness and ingenuity, evaluated by their well-designed structure, products and stable operating model.

·Sustainability: Ability to sustain with a sustainable operating model beyond aid/ grants.

·Potential: Stability of partners and resources, potential to benefit others beyond the current scope of impact, be replicable and technically feasible in other countries and regions.

V.How to apply for the 100 Excellence Actions? 

Please send the application materials before December 31, 2022 to

Looking forward to your participation!

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