The 2024 BRICS Youth Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation was held in Sanya


On March 21, the 2024 BRICS Youth Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation (hereinafter referred to as the “Dialogue”) was held in Yazhou Bay, Sanya, in a combination of online and offline mode. Under the theme “Bringing together the wisdom of young people to jointly promote innovation and development”, the Dialogue welcomed approximately 40 participants, including representatives of national youth councils and organizations from BRICS+ countries, as well as experts in the field of science and technology and leaders of innovative enterprises.

(BRICS Youth Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation was held on March 21, in Sanya, Hainan)

During the opening speech, Shapkat, Vice President of the All-China Youth Federation, stated that BRICS is an important platform for solidarity and cooperation among developing countries, and the world expects BRICS to have more voices and play a greater role. He encouraged young people to embody the international scientific and technological cooperation concept of “science knows no borders”, explore a smart future together, contribute to the digital economy and digital transformation, cultivate and develop new productive forces, and promote the further expansion of “BRICS+” model in the field of scientific and technological innovation. Meanwhile, he hopes that young people can take the initiative to explore various forms of scientific and technological innovation exchange, and propose youth solutions for the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Global Development Initiatives.

“With huge youth population, India is fully aware of the important role that young people play in driving the development of science, technology and innovation”. Shri Nitesh Kumar Mishra, Joint Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, pointed out at the meeting that as the coordinator of the youth technological innovation mechanism, governments have the responsibility to formulate relevant preferential policies and talent training policies, support young people in specific projects, and help them stand at the forefront of a new round of technological innovation. The world should establish an open, inclusive and pluralistic cooperation mechanism, strengthen coordination between countries and all levels of society, and promote green transformation in all fields.

In terms of scientific cooperation and interaction among young people, Sina Kalhor, Deputy Minister for Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Sport and Youth, the Islamic Republic of Iran, pointed out in his keynote speech that endowed with institutional advantages, the BRICS countries should build incentive systems to guide young people to engage in effective innovation, establish innovation centers, and carry out cross-border joint education projects. Having an inclusive and open innovation ecosystem, Iran is eager to cooperate with other BRICS countries to share knowledge and experience.

Mei Feng, Chairman of China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation, Li Pixue, Deputy Director of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration Bureau, Valeria Sergeevna Chernogorodova, Head of the International Activities Department of the Division for Youth Projects and Programs of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs,Russia, and Abdelrahman Al-Hadidi, Co-founder of Thinking Academy, Egypt, also spoke at the meeting.

During the Dialogue, the attendees extensively and deeply discussed the action measures and future prospects of youth science and technology innovation in BRICS countries, and exchanged views on their countries’ empowerment projects and international cooperation projects to promote youth participation in science and technology innovation. Representatives from all countries unanimously agreed to strengthen mutual learning among young people in the field of science and technology in BRICS countries, promote youth-related policy-making and exchange of young scientific and technological talents, making contributions to the emergence of new driving forces for development.

The Dialogue was hosted by the All-China Youth Federation, the China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation, and the Secretariat of the World Youth Development Forum, organized by the Hainan Youth Federation and the Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration, and supported by the China Youth Development Foundation and the Sanya Youth Federation.

The guests at the meeting made speeches (photos provided by the organizer)

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