Youth Involvement in Global Development: Action Plan for Global Youth Development, Global Youth Climate Week launched

(   19:22, Nov 1, 2022

The launching ceremony of the Action Plan for Global Youth Development and The Global Youth Climate Week was held Monday in Beijing. Speakers underlined the importance of youth participation to further global development issues. Cao Bing has this report.

The Action Plan for Global Youth Development and The Global Youth Climate Week launched in Beijing. It's aimed at promoting the participation of young people in global development issues.

Over 300 young leaders from around the world joined in the event, both online and in person.

At the opening ceremony, the vice president of the All-China Youth Federation said the Action Plan for Global Youth Development will build a network of advocates and practitioners of youth development and support young people making contributions to global sustainable development.

FU ZHENBANG Vice President, All-China Youth Federation "We hope that the action plan will further the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Global Development Initiative through concrete actions of young people all over the world, advance the exchange of experience and international cooperation regarding the youth development, promote the young people to contribute to global development and for the world to drive youth development, and work together to create a better future for humanity."

The remarks were echoed by a UN official in China, underlying the importance of full engagement of youth in global development issues.

JUSTINE COULSON Chair of UN China Thematic Group on Youth Representative of United Nations Population Fund to China "Connected to each other like never before, this generation of young people makes a major contribution to the sustainable development of their communities. They stand up for climate action, they mobilize for health and well-being and gender equality; they put forward innovative solutions that advance social progress and inspire positive political change. And it is important that we engage young people and create the conditions for them to unleash their full potential."

The event also witnessed the launching of the Global Youth Climate Week initiated by Tsinghua University and the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate, which provides an international platform for the young generation to take part in climate action.

CAO BING Beijing "In the following week, a series of rich and colorful activities revolving around climate issues, will be carried out under the Global Youth Climate Week mechanism. This will not only contribute the voices and wisdom of young people to the upcoming COP27 in Egypt, but also promote their international participation for a net-zero future. CB, CGTN, BJ."

(editor: CAO Di)

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