Call for participation:Asia-Europe Young Leaders Campus & Asia-Europe Youth Forum on Green Development

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As an important inter-regional and intergovernmental forum, the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) has played an important role in the international politics and economy, especially in strengthening mutual understanding and trust, and establishing a new comprehensive Asia-Europe partnership through political dialogue, economic cooperation, as well as social and cultural exchanges. It has 53 member countries, which covers 60% of the world’s population, accounts for 65% of the world’s total economic volume and 68% of the world’s total trade volume.

Youth are important driving force for the future of Asia-Europe partnership in enhancing Asia-Europe dialogue and mutual understanding. As stated in the 13th ASEM Chairman Statement, “young people are effective agents of change propelling humanity’s movement towards a new sustainable future”.

China values youth exchanges under the ASEM framework and has been proactively taking actions to promote that. At the 13th ASEM Summit held on November 25, 2021, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced that China will host Asia-Europe?Young Leaders Campus in the coming five years, and invite the wide participation from Asia and Europe. The All-China Youth Federation will be the host of the campus.

For a long time, deepening cooperation on green development has been an important consensus reached by Asian and European countries, and an important path to achieve common development. At present, most Asian and European countries have proposed dual-carbon goals, and most major economies have proposed green transformation plans, which have laid a foundation for the region to further build consensus, clarify the direction of actions, and deepen the cooperation on green development.

Youth are at the forefront of promoting green development. Thus, it’s time to equip youth with exchange opportunities and support their green actions. During the campus, the Asia-Europe Youth Forum on Green Development, which is one of the Regional Forums under the framework of World Youth Development Forum, will be held with the theme of “Building Global Partnership for Green Development” to foster in-depth discussion on promoting green economy, ecosystem quality, climate actions, and low-carbon innovation. The forum will support young people to join into the action of green transformation, advocate low-carbon lifestyle and encourage green actions among them.


The 2022 Asia-Europe Young Leaders Campus will:

1. Provide an exchange platform to promote knowledge sharing on green development, and foster youth active participation.

2. Promote best practice and successful stories from youth in Asia-Europe region for contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially for Climate Actions.

3. Raise awareness among young people, enhance their consensus in green development, and promote their solidarity in contributing to the regional economic and social development for world peace and stability.


1.Host: All-China Youth Federation

2. Organizer: Shaanxi Provincial Youth Federation

Time, City and Format

Time: Nov 29-30, 2022

City: Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

Format: Hybrid

International delegates will join the Asia-Europe Youth Forum on Green Development online.

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