International Youth Forum for Building Beautiful Rural Homeland was held in China

(   16:00, Jan 3, 2023

On December 1, the “Belt and Road” International Youth Forum for Building Beautiful Rural Homeland sponsored by the All-China Youth Federation was held online and offline with the theme of “youth and rural development”. More than 70 Chinese and foreign youth representatives participated in the discussion.

At the forum, Ma Tiemin, Vice-Chair of China Association of Young Rural Entrepreneurial Leaders, Thembani Malapela, Knowledge/Information Management Officer, Office of Innovation, FAO HQ, Yang Manhong, Head of Kang County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, and Dong Yuhui, live-streamer of “Dong Fang Zhen Xuan” delivered keynote speeches on the theme of “youth facilitating rural poverty reduction and modern agricultural transformation and upgrading”. Chinese and foreign youth representatives from Department of Youth Development, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, Bailie Vocational College and Tsinghua University also held a roundtable dialogue on the theme of the forum.

Fu Zhenbang, Vice President of the All-China Youth Federation, called on the young people from all countries to join hands and strive to be the leader of agricultural modernization, the guardian of rural harmony and livability, the responsible person for farmers' poverty alleviation and prosperity, and the promoter of international exchanges and cooperation, so as to promote the building of a “community with a shared future for mankind” and demonstrate their new responsibility and new role for “common development with rural areas”.

This forum is an indispensable part of the “Future Bridge” China-Central Asia Leaders Training and Exchange Camp hosted by All-China Youth Federation. The Camp is an international youth exchange project personally announced by President Xi Jinping at the video summit marking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the five Central Asian countries, aiming to promote the youth of all countries to inherit friendship and create a better future together. During the camp, young people from all countries also took a virtual tour on the Horticultural Innovation Center of National Agricultural Technology Innovation Park and the “Belt and Road” beautiful countryside in Longnan, Gansu Province, gaining a deeper understanding of China's agricultural modernization and construction of beautiful countryside.

(editor: Di Cao)

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