China-Singapore Youth Development Forum Held in Suzhou

(   15:24, August 21, 2023

With the theme of "Bringing Together and Empowering Youth to Promote Innovation and Development", the China-Singapore Youth Development Forum?was successfully held on July 10 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province to facilitate the active participation of young people from China and Singapore in high-quality cooperation for common development.

More than 100 young representatives from China and Singapore participated in the forum. Shapkat Wushur, Head of the All-China Youth Federation, Wu Qingwen, Mayor of Suzhou, and David Chua, Chief Executive of the National Youth Council Singapore attended and addressed the forum.

Shapkat Wushur pointed out in his speech that China and Singapore have actively promoted innovative cooperation in recent years and created many high-level cooperative projects represented by Suzhou Industrial Park. He hoped that young people will dream big with both feet on solid ground, seize the unprecedented?opportunities brought by deepening regional economic integration, and contribute their strength to the development of a comprehensive high-quality forward-looking partnership between the two countries, and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

According to Wu Qingwen, China-Singapore cooperation is a long-term strategy for the urban development of Suzhou, with open innovation as an important direction for bilateral cooperation, two-way investment as an important feature, and cultural exchanges as an important link for deepening cooperation. He stated that China and Singapore will work together to create more opportunities for young talents so that a bright future can be made together.

David Chua pointed out that despite the tough time of Covid-19, the relationship between Singapore and China remains strong thanks to the efforts of governments, social sectors, especially the young people of the two countries. It is hoped that future leaders, influencers, and changemakers can support Chinese and Singaporean young people in building connections and networks so that more exchanges and experience sharing can be made in the field of innovation for stronger partnerships.

At the forum, young representatives from China and Singapore delivered keynote speeches on the theme of "Bringing Together and Empowering Youth to Promote Innovation and Development" and engaged in dialogues based on their respective industries and experiences.

"This offline China-Singapore Youth Development Forum holds significant importance," said Wang Shuaiguo, a committee member of the All-China Youth Federation, CEO of XuetangX, and founder of Rain Classroom. "The development of the digital economy is like a matrix, with education, transportation, healthcare, and other industries acting as coordinates within and each deserves mutual exchanges and discussions. The offline forum provides us with a good opportunity for face-to-face conversations where we can generate new sparks for cooperation."

"China has always been a leader in technological innovation. After listening to the sharing by Chinese youth, I have gained insights into some new technologies and learned a lot," said Huang Lijing, a staff member of the Strategic and Asset Management Department of Hopson Commercial Group in Singapore. She said she was greatly inspired by the stories shared by young people from China and Singapore and called on young people for more actions, "The power of youth should not be underestimated. We must have the courage to put our ideas into action and thereby drive a new wave of social development."

(editor: Wenjing, Guo)

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