“Youth Shaping the Future with Smart Technologies” International Youth Forum Held in Chongqing

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The “Youth Shaping the Future with Smart Technologies” International Youth Forum of Smart China Expo 2023 was held in Chongqing on September 4, 2023. It was attended by participants of BRICS+ Youth Exchange Program from 27 countries, outstanding youth representatives from China and overseas, experts and scholars in intelligent networks, business executives and technologists, etc. to discuss the role and value of AI, digital economy and intelligent network in the process of empowering the youth development.

The forum was jointly hosted by the organizing committee of the Smart China Expo 2023 and the All-China Youth Federation, organized by the secretariat of the World Youth Development Forum, Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technologists, Communist Youth League Committee of Chongqing, Chongqing Youth Federation, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., China United Network Communications Groups Co., Ltd. Chongqing branch, supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), China Youth Daily and Fuxi Institution, and co-organized by Chongqing International Youth Communication Center.

This forum is the first youth-themed sub-forum since the Smart China Expo was held, as well as one of the series of dialogues of the World Youth Development Forum. With the theme of “Youth Shaping the Future with Smart Technologies”, the forum aims to promote international cooperation on youth development, contribute to healthy interaction between intelligent networks and youth development, and provide advice and suggestions for win-win cooperation.

Youth Create New Highlights of Smart Technologies

Shapkat, the Head of the All-China Youth Federation, affirmed the achievements of youth in intelligent innovation and pointed out that young sci-tech talents have contributed to progress in frontier innovation programs. He expressed his hope that youth would take the initiative to practice the concept of international scientific and technological cooperation of “science without borders”, and explore new possibilities of the future with smart technologies together; devote themselves to the digital economy and digital transformation, and create unique advantages of digital economy together; develop various forms of innovation and interaction of science and technologies, and jointly open up new horizons of communication of sci-tech talents.

In her video speech, Justine Coulson, the representative to China of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) pointed out that, “Technology is playing a key role in reshaping the way we live, work and connect. Our young people are not only adapting to the changes that technology keeps bringing to life but also starting at the forefront of driving these changes. As digital natives, youth can bridge smart technologies into their daily lives, and utilize their potential to inspire innovative revolution and transformation.”

Zhang Ping, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and, Professor at the School of Information and Communication Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, delivered a keynote speech, focusing on topics such as industrial internet, scenario-oriented 5G network communication, AI-enabled intelligent communication, etc., with an explanation of how the new generation of network communication technology helps intelligent manufacturing.

Youth Dialogue: Sharing the Responsibility of the Era and Promoting Global Development Together

“Youth Shaping the Future with Smart Technologies” World Youth Dialogue on the topic of “Sharing the Responsibility of the Era and Promoting Global Development Together” was held at the forum. Youth, experts, and scholars from China and overseas discussed the sharing of innovations in global science and technology and the role of youth in the sustainable development of global science and technology, with the collision of opinions and ideas.

Li Xiaodong, the vice president of the Internet Society of China, and founder and CEO of Fuxi Institution, shared his insights on how to apply the new generation of digital information infrastructure to bridge the global digital gap and promote win-win sharing of global innovations.

During the dialogue, Chen Yunji, the vice president of the Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technologists, deputy director of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ren Fan, the deputy general manager of Changxian Intelligent Technology, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., Simon Kr?g, the youth representative from University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Arash Khalatbarisoltani, the postdoctoral researcher from College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering of Chongqing University shared their perspectives on promoting the sustainability of global AI innovation, achieving the vision of “emission peak and carbon neutrality”, and the definition of responsibility and mission of youth.

Wang Xin, the chief researcher of the Graph neural networks & AI Division China Unicom Research Institute, senior engineer said, “We will also join hands with youth from all over the world towards development and sharing of digital resources, prosperity of digital culture, and mutual benefits based on digital cooperation.”

In addition, Gan Pee Eng, the national president of the Young Malaysians Movement (YMM), and Andra Priedniece, the project manager of Sports Youth Brandenburg delivered keynote speeches on “The Role of Digitization in Malaysia’s Social Youth Movement” and “The Role of Digital Technology in the Development of Youth Sports Culture” respectively on the topic of innovative applications of smart technologies.

High-End Dialogue: New Auto, New Ecosystem

The forum also hosted a high-end dialogue on “New Auto, New Ecosystem”, in which heads of enterprises, famous experts, and scholars in the fields of artificial intelligence and intelligent networks conducted deep communication and discussion on hot topics at the forefront of the development of the automobile industry, and shared their expertise and wisdom.

According to He Gang, general manager of Intelligent Research Institute of Changan Automobile Co. Ltd., COO of Changan Technology Co., Ltd., “New Auto, New Ecosystem” has become part of a wider trend, in which all the latest technologies, materials, and applications will be integrated into the automobile, and the new generation of the automobile will bring new drivers for development of automobile industry.

During the high-end dialogue, Fan Ji’an, the chief big data scientist of China Unicom, Zhong Xuedan, the vice president of Tencent Intelligent Mobility, Xu Jian, the chief ecosystem officer of Horizon Robotics, Guo Gang, the Professor from Chongqing University and other experts and scholars respectively discussed on different topics, including connotation and core elements of new auto and ecosystem as well as the core competencies of automobile industry and enterprises, which will bring changes to the automobile industry landscape in the future. He also pointed out the focus of automobile industry and enterprises on the future demand of young talents, and suggestions for existing system for talent cultivation and disciplinary construction.

(editor: Wenjing, Guo)

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