Youth Power: Beijing holds 2023 World Youth Development Forum

CGTN   16:24, November 1, 2023

Youth leaders are attending the 2023 World Youth Development Forum in Beijing this week. They are discussing ways of unlocking the full potential of young people to help the world meet sustainable development goals. Sun Tianyuan reports.

Hundreds of international youth leaders and representatives are in Beijing at this year's World Youth Development Forum to discuss innovative ways of tackling some of the world's biggest challenges.

Alice Ho, chief youth officer of the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate, is using the forum to raise awareness of fighting one of the biggest crises of our times.

ALICE HO Chief Youth Officer, Global Alliance of Universities on Climate "We can all work together and share our experiences and learn from other experiences. In the world of climate change and climate action, everything is united. We are here to help each other to help all of us, the whole planet together to mitigate this challenge."

This year's forum is focused on promoting global sustainable development.

Themes include digital development, climate change and the food crisis, as well as cultural innovation.

CUI JIAYING Co-Founder, Ripple Action: Empowering Youth for Heritage "Our program asks students to dig into their local customs during summer and winter breaks. Then we make mini magazines and creative videos to showcase them. We hope more young people can have a better understanding of their hometowns and engage closer in cultural inheritance and protection work."

During the forum, organizers will also showcase typical youth projects and practices in promoting global sustainable development.

SUN TIANYUAN Beijing "This year's forum will last from Monday to Wednesday. Organizers say they hope the event can continue to serve as a platform for young people worldwide to direct their voices and energy towards global development. Sun Tianyuan, CGTN, Beijing."

(editor: Wenjing, Guo)

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