Youth Power: Beijing hosts 2023 World Youth Development Forum

CGTN   19:24, November 1, 2023

International youth leaders and representatives have gathered in Beijing for the 2023 World Youth Development Forum. This year's focus is on advancing global sustainable development. And young delegates have been sharing their experiences and ideas with CGTN about how to achieve their goals.

HUSSEIN SADDAM KIZZA Delegate, 2023 World Youth Development Forum "We talked about fin-tech. We talked about leadership. You have such amazing leadership with President Xi Jinping He is an inspiration to many Chinese. And we also borrow from him. We want to make sure that as African, also in the world, youth can have the right attitude toward solving global challenges."

CAMILA PAZ MORAGA MUNOZ Delegate, 2023 World Youth Development Forum "It's incredible opportunity for people of all countries, 43 countries, to participate the forum. It's very important for the development of youth in every continent. We're so proud to be part of the moment in China."

EDENAMIUKI AIGUOBASINMWIN Delegate, 2023 World Youth Development Forum "We actually were one of the one hundred initiative selected here. So it's an honor to be in China for the first time and to actually be given the opportunity to present the governance about decision initiative and to build multilateral relationship based on culture and based on new sports. And I look forward to the endless business opportunities will come with interacting with China."

(editor: Wenjing, Guo)

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